Fashionably Indian

Make in India-Fashion Style

I have always felt that Indians women are really beautiful and It is true that we Indians can adapt to any Fashion style. But I believe it is the Indian style of dressing that suits our Indian ladies the most. I do not mean that no other style looks good on them, but INDIAN STYLE looks most  flattering, be it shalwar suits, patialas, shararas, chaniya choli, lehengas, Sarees.

As a Fashion Stylist, I am discovering new ways to dress up Indian ladies in their comfort zones, according to their style of Indian dressing.

That becomes interesting for me as well, because then I don’t have to follow trends , and be mad to make them look nothing but ONLY PERFECT.

Instead I try to enhance what they already have, THEIR ORIGINALITY THEIR BEAUTY.

So it goes to all my beautiful friends, that love being Indian, and love your curves