Hi friends this is Aditi. I am a Fashionista, love everything that includes Fashion. I believe Fashion and style go hand in hand so I try to incorporate the two. There are plenty of ways one can dress up. But the best way is when you know what looks good on you and the colors that suit’s you as well.

I think my sense of fashion is more of a feminine and well dressed. I try to follow fashion to some degree, but certainly not a slave to fashion. Neither I am fanatic to buy only BRANDS , or I wait in line for a considerable amount of time for an opportunity to snap up one of Designer’s  limited edition. Sorry that’s not me. I am different , I know that.

I follow my own sense, my own instincts for Fashion. I would see Fashion as a freedom to describe yourself, your wholesome personality.

As I don’t follow much of fashion rules, I don’t have to be under obligation of  making it JUST RIGHT all the time.

My Sense of Style – My sense of style is FREE STYLE, more of a Street style, this kind of style I find the best to follow and I feel I am more liberated while trying it.

Fashion trend that I swear by– Seriously, It will be unethical if I say I follow any trend but still if you ask me, One that I swear by, will be Indo western types of stuff.


So my dear friends , keep reading and keep enjoying 🙂



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