OOh ..AAh & Let the music play

After a busy week , with the advent of weekend, one start making plans for their evening, & Last week I spent one such evening at “Café 27” in Greater Kailash, Delhi.



I am a very relaxed sort of a person and that’s what I expect from my weekends, full of friends, fun activities, or some music & wine.




Music for me, is not something that only appeases to my ear , or entertains me but I feel relaxed when I am around it. I get enthralled whenever I listen to it. The best part is, fortunately my husband has a Band a Musical Band named “Shlokaa” & they had this small performance at Café 27 & I am a witness to it 🙂





Now, I am not here to promote his band or his music, it just that I am sharing my experience with this small Café, & music was a part of it.

IMG-20170505-WA0026 (1)IMG-20170505-WA0068IMG-20170505-WA0074IMG-20170505-WA0012IMG-20170505-WA0040IMG-20170505-WA0025

I really like the way this café has been set up. There was lot to the interior decoration; one can see lot of creativity in terms of everything 🙂

Sharing with you few photos of the place…So just enjoy


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