Understand these dress types before you wear them

nude-ankle-bootsHi friends, how you all are doing ?  When it comes to Fashion specially  women western fashion , I find Fashion Gurus giving ideas on wearing Dresses , sheath, shift dresses, Maxi Dress, Bodycon, Wrap dress etc etc.

But do we really understand these dresses? And do we understand the body type that suit to ?


I will discuss here, some of the basic dress type and the body type they suit


Sheath dress-In fashion,  a sheath dress is a type of dress designed to fit close to the body, relatively unadorned. Unlike many cocktail dresses and the longer ballroom dress, a sheath dress typically falls around the knees or lower thighs.

Body type they suit– They are best suited to Hour glass or a well proportioned body shaped,  A sheath dress is fitted, showing off all your bodacious curves , stretchy sheath dress is comfortable and flaunts your shape in a classy manner.


Shift dress-The classic shift dress falls straight down from the shoulders. Shift dresses are all about straight, smooth lines rather than a tailored fit. They do not narrow at the waist or widen at the hips, but instead sweep straight down with just a slight flare outward.

Body type they suit – Shifts are fantastic if you prefer to show less hip and accentuate the top half of your body instead. Traditionally, shift dresses tend to feature little detail aside from breast darts, so they skim the curves rather than clinging to them. This type of cut draws attention away from the tummy and is flattering on most body types.

They can be made to look flattering if you go with decent   patterns , colours and can be used to draw the attention away from problem areas. Also consider choosing the right accessories that can turn a shift dress into something spectacular.

Actress Winslet poses during a red carpet at 68th Venice Film Festival


Body Con dresses– A  Body con dress is essentially a tight fitting, figure hugging dress, made from elasticised material or composite material such as spandex or lycra. They tend to be short in length, usually falling to about mid-thigh level although you do occasionally see longer styles.

Body type they suit- As per the popular belief they suit to well proportioned body shapes, but again it can be made to look a perfect evening wear if you know how to wear it. Depending on the style and cut of the garment, it can be used to accentuate your best feature. Stylists say this is one dress you should always have in black, wearing all black creates a long, lean vertical line, creating the appearance of a slimmer figure. If tired of rocking the usual LBD, you can always opt for other darker shades, such as navy blue, for a similar appearance. If this outfit makes you feel too self-conscious, don’t fret. You can easily add on a layer with an oversized jacket or loose-fitting cardigan to balance out the look.



Maxi  Dress-  A maxi dress is a type of dress that is long, usually floor-length, and made with soft, free-flowing fabric. These dresses come in a wide variety of designs, from floral prints to solid colors, as well as many styles.

Body type they suit-

Though most of us think that Maxi dresses suit to long and lean body type, but that is not necessarily true all the time. Maxi dresses are one type of dress that can fit any occasion, and to any body type depending what fit, print, color you choose and also how you accessorize it.

If you are curvy or the one with heavy bottom you can always wear maxi dresses with a shoulder baring top, empire waist. Or it can be cap sleeves with V neck shaped Maxi

If your are lesser curvy or rectangular shape, you can always layer them up with jacket and can have a belt at the mid section.



Wrap Dresses– Wrap dresses are an ideal choice, as they emphasize the bust area and typically tie on the side, manipulating the definition of the waist. The A-line shape created by a wrap dress will add volume to your lower body, again creating the illusion of a smaller waist. Go for bold block colours or dark shades, as they tend to flatter apple shapes best.

Body type they suit– They suit to most body shape as The V-neck is ultra-flattering to your bust, and the wrap detail highlights the curve between your waist and hips.




Summer Dress– A sundress is a dress intended to be worn in warm weather. Typically, it is an informal or casual dress in a light weight fabric most commonly cotton, and usually loose fitting. The dress is intended to be worn without a layering top.

They need any body type , as they come in varied sizes, shapes , prints and pattern, just choose the one that defines your body shape in proportion.


So, to conclude, these were some of the basic dresses that make your wardrobe complete, if you are going for a western outlook for different occasions.