Men’s should check out these colors for their wardrobe

Hello friends, as we all know that our Indian men are endowed with most desirable skin tone i.e brown skin or dark skin tone.

Choosing the right color for this skin tone can be sometimes challenging though. But, understanding  the right color  can help you find the most flattering attires for you.

Rules which are applied for women when it comes to choosing the right color , remains same for Men’s as well.

In my earlier post , I have discussed about Color wheel and skin undertones.


Therefore here I would be discussing about general tips to enhance your look through a right color outfit.

Go for warm colors-If you have dark skin, prefer going for warm colors like yellow, orange, shades of pink , shades of purple. For men with dark skin, “chalky” colors (which are what as men call pastel colors) are the best along with bright, warm colors such as red or orange. They bring out your natural shine and make your skin glow.

And let me remind pink and orange wont make you look feminine, its just that if you choose different shades of them  Like frosty Pink, and Light orange , you can also try going for Lavender as well.

Turtle mens full sleeves solid purple formal shirt

Cool colors / Dark colors-  if you think cool colors might not look that good on you or there’s no alternative, then try combinations with warm and bright colors: purple sunglasses go great with dark skin, and the same goes for wristbands, and especially for ties and bow ties, worn on brightly-colored shirts.


White, Black and other colors-  Some colors in the Fashion world are considered as neutrals like Black and white, khaki, gray, beige etc.

These colors can combined with bright  colors can make your LOOK. For example you choose neutrals for either the main piece just as Jacket ,  suit and then use a lot of colors for the supporting pieces (for example: use a gray shirt, but wear a green tie and pale blue vest); or use bright colors and wear neutral accessories (for example: a yellow shirt can be toned down with a black vest).

These combinations work too.

Use of color - Omar Epps - 05

Mixing Colors – I feel the best way to play with colors is to mix them up. 

You can try using  any color combination  as long as it looks great and flatters your skin. For example: wear a cream shirt and a blue vest over that. Its just an example you can try your own combinations.



So the conclusion comes that dark skin tone men look best in colors situated on the warm side of the spectrum if they are teamed with accessories and patterns of cool side of the spectrum.




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