5 ways of BUDGETED Winter Fashion

Women's Winter Clothes (1)

Hi you all, this is Winter time,  (at least in most northern states of India,) and this is the time when we are very much laid back , we like to be in our cozy blankets and just take a nap here and there (whenever we get time)

This is time when all family members sit together for bonfire, and snacking  goes on with popcorn and peanuts. This is the time of  Festival, Christmas is just around the corner….so its party time folks:)

This is also a time when we are most confused as what to wear because all we  have to do is layer up ourselves in woolens and jackets, and we feel we don’t have anything fancy to wear.

But friends, Fashion does not mean it has always to be tricky, it can be simple yet be catchy .

Here I would give you VERY SIMPLE  tips on how you can make it ” Get going” this winter.  Also these tricks are in your BUDGET-

  1. Muflars / Scarfs – These are the best to wear when you have plain dress or nothing new,  they can simply enhance your whole outlook. You can wrap them around your neck, in many different ways and can cover your head. They look perfect with sweaters, cardigans, Jackets …just any thing. As well as they don’t cost much so one can use them on a regular basis.


2) Statement neck pieces- These are another good way to make your  boring, old outfit to look  New. Many versatile designs are available in  market from low to high range …whichever fits your budget .

They are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe so they are useful  during Winters too. You can again team them up with  cardigans, Jackets and woolens.



3) Beaded belts or stoles-  These are another way to enhance your wear.    You can  wrap them around your waist or just lay on your shoulders.  These not only gives shape to your wear but gives totally a different look to the whole outfit.



4) Ponchos- They will always be in Fashion as they not only provide  comfort but suits to most body type. They come in versatile color and knits. They are a complete outfit in themselves.You just need to take a nice pair of jeans, jeggings, leggings whichever you feel comfortable with.



5 ) Muti color woolen socks- Yes, if you don’t have a pair of nice boots well there cant be any substitute for that  but woolen socks  are good         way to  flaunt your legs and keep them warm as well. They look good with   Skirts, and knee length dresses. But you can also pair them with  nice pair of  fitted Jeans.



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