Men’s should check out these colors for their wardrobe

Hello friends, as we all know that our Indian men are endowed with most desirable skin tone i.e brown skin or dark skin tone.

Choosing the right color for this skin tone can be sometimes challenging though. But, understanding  the right color  can help you find the most flattering attires for you.

Rules which are applied for women when it comes to choosing the right color , remains same for Men’s as well.

In my earlier post , I have discussed about Color wheel and skin undertones.


Therefore here I would be discussing about general tips to enhance your look through a right color outfit.

Go for warm colors-If you have dark skin, prefer going for warm colors like yellow, orange, shades of pink , shades of purple. For men with dark skin, “chalky” colors (which are what as men call pastel colors) are the best along with bright, warm colors such as red or orange. They bring out your natural shine and make your skin glow.

And let me remind pink and orange wont make you look feminine, its just that if you choose different shades of them  Like frosty Pink, and Light orange , you can also try going for Lavender as well.

Turtle mens full sleeves solid purple formal shirt

Cool colors / Dark colors-  if you think cool colors might not look that good on you or there’s no alternative, then try combinations with warm and bright colors: purple sunglasses go great with dark skin, and the same goes for wristbands, and especially for ties and bow ties, worn on brightly-colored shirts.


White, Black and other colors-  Some colors in the Fashion world are considered as neutrals like Black and white, khaki, gray, beige etc.

These colors can combined with bright  colors can make your LOOK. For example you choose neutrals for either the main piece just as Jacket ,  suit and then use a lot of colors for the supporting pieces (for example: use a gray shirt, but wear a green tie and pale blue vest); or use bright colors and wear neutral accessories (for example: a yellow shirt can be toned down with a black vest).

These combinations work too.

Use of color - Omar Epps - 05

Mixing Colors – I feel the best way to play with colors is to mix them up. 

You can try using  any color combination  as long as it looks great and flatters your skin. For example: wear a cream shirt and a blue vest over that. Its just an example you can try your own combinations.



So the conclusion comes that dark skin tone men look best in colors situated on the warm side of the spectrum if they are teamed with accessories and patterns of cool side of the spectrum.




Apple body shapes you have choices too!

Hello everyone !! How you guys are doing today ?

Yeah as per the  topic , today’s discussion would be more on apple shaped ones.


Now apple shaped are the ones those who –

  • Have rounded shoulders
  • Have fullness in the tummy area
  • Have ok/good shaped legs
  • Feel uncomfortable when tops are tucked in

These are some of the characteristics of Apple shaped body type.

When it comes to dressing up for apple shaped and ethnic wear, certain points you should  consider:-

Empire waist full length anarkali witch has a wide hemline, anarkali with flares starting from bodice or anarkali with embroidery/embellishment on shoulders.

Try wearing Salwar kameez or A-line kurti paired with churidar or leggings to accentuate slim legs. Make sure you drape dupatta on one side to divert attention from heavy torso.

Also check for delicate embroidery and detailing on kurti

Necklines like scoop, sweetheart, high collared V neck and V-neck.

Here I provide you with a PPT for the same, which gives you a small know-how on what to mix and match and what looks good on your body type.

Things or wear that you should avoid is

Heavy embroidery/embellishment around the neck. A lighter embroidery is still ok.






5 ways of BUDGETED Winter Fashion

Women's Winter Clothes (1)

Hi you all, this is Winter time,  (at least in most northern states of India,) and this is the time when we are very much laid back , we like to be in our cozy blankets and just take a nap here and there (whenever we get time)

This is time when all family members sit together for bonfire, and snacking  goes on with popcorn and peanuts. This is the time of  Festival, Christmas is just around the corner….so its party time folks:)

This is also a time when we are most confused as what to wear because all we  have to do is layer up ourselves in woolens and jackets, and we feel we don’t have anything fancy to wear.

But friends, Fashion does not mean it has always to be tricky, it can be simple yet be catchy .

Here I would give you VERY SIMPLE  tips on how you can make it ” Get going” this winter.  Also these tricks are in your BUDGET-

  1. Muflars / Scarfs – These are the best to wear when you have plain dress or nothing new,  they can simply enhance your whole outlook. You can wrap them around your neck, in many different ways and can cover your head. They look perfect with sweaters, cardigans, Jackets …just any thing. As well as they don’t cost much so one can use them on a regular basis.


2) Statement neck pieces- These are another good way to make your  boring, old outfit to look  New. Many versatile designs are available in  market from low to high range …whichever fits your budget .

They are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe so they are useful  during Winters too. You can again team them up with  cardigans, Jackets and woolens.



3) Beaded belts or stoles-  These are another way to enhance your wear.    You can  wrap them around your waist or just lay on your shoulders.  These not only gives shape to your wear but gives totally a different look to the whole outfit.



4) Ponchos- They will always be in Fashion as they not only provide  comfort but suits to most body type. They come in versatile color and knits. They are a complete outfit in themselves.You just need to take a nice pair of jeans, jeggings, leggings whichever you feel comfortable with.



5 ) Muti color woolen socks- Yes, if you don’t have a pair of nice boots well there cant be any substitute for that  but woolen socks  are good         way to  flaunt your legs and keep them warm as well. They look good with   Skirts, and knee length dresses. But you can also pair them with  nice pair of  fitted Jeans.


Don’t be ashamed of your body

bodyimage9Hi friends, I know there are most of us out there,  who are not comfortable in their own skin, they feel something is lacking in them, they don’t feel complete sometimes either because of their skin, hair, weight, height and sometimes because of other reasons.

Sometimes   they   might not express in public   their deep feelings / desires but inside they know what they dislike in themselves.


Friends , but trust me the even  the Hottest of model / beauty queen or DIVAS that you see around in Fashion Magazines, TV,  Internet  all , are not  always real, in fact they might not be complete in themselves (  ….you never know) ….


Why you need to always compete  with whatever beauty you see around you , why you have this urge of getting an A+ in everything ?

This is Life, right ….And this is REAL its not a 3 Hr  movie that will have a happy ending always…

It is your Life – One life , you are the director, producer of it. So get on with your real shoes.

Why to feel shy of what you got, Why are we shy of our Bodies? Yes, if it’s giving you health issues then fight for it….but otherwise Accept it…as I have said earlier Flaunt  it, whatever the best you have got in you just flaunt it.

I sometimes don’t really understand why we Indian girls are so shy of our body , what if, we are not skinny as Models, or tall as Western Girls …Common we are curvy with fat on the right places. Is that not enough to flaunt?  What if , we are not fairer ….does that really make a difference? At least not in today s world.


My only answer is -See the world around you, when you find

tall fair , skinny models …Why don’t you find plus size models as well… See how beautiful they look .

Even in US people have started taking plus size model for Magazines Cover.


All I want to say, is that– to look good  you don’t need to be a Fashionista  or to follow best of the brands or get yourself  always hooked up to the latest Fashion Trends.

Not even STARVE  yourself so that you become skinny…..and finally depress…

No not at all…Don’t  let lack of self confidence hold you back in life. Understand this that confidence is something within reach, but you have to work on it. Just Treat yourself right .

images                                 P1010124

Treat your body right , Accept it, this is how your born with, respect it..and wear things that make you look and appear not trashy or cheap……. but Elegant.





5 Indo western Kurtis and body type they suit


In my last post I have talked about formal wear in ethnic and western. Today I will  be talking about  Ethnic -Casual wear basically,   Indo western Kurtis.

Indo western kurtis becomes a mid way Fashion for those who are not much comfortable in western wear but at the same time would want to look stylish too.

Here , I am giving you a list of the  those Indo western kurtis which suit to MOST BODY TYPE and are in Fashion.


  1. A – Line Kurtis– They come in various forms and designs and they appeal to all body types but they flatter the most to Apple and pear body shapes.


They can be teamed up with Jeans, leggings,  shalwars and churidars .


2) A symmetrical Kurtis-These Kurtis are good to wear  as it gives illusion of height. It suits mostly to all body types but mostly to  ladies who are pear and apple shape.




3) Overlay Kurtis– These are party wear Kurtis . Though overlays are not typically meant for heavy people but it works for those who are hesitant to flaunt their legs but at the same time want to wear similar to a skirt , this is where these kurtis work as wonder , as they have sheer appearance to them and they are worn without bottoms.



4 )   Kaftans – Kaftans are nice twist to Kurti , you can pair them with skirts, jeans , leggings or wear them all along without bottoms.  Though they look appealing to rectangular shaped ones, but if your are apple shaped or you have much weight in and around your waist and belly this becomes a nice fashionable way to camouflage all.


5 ) Kurtis Shaped like Gowns-This is Indian version of evening gowns. It also suits to all body types . It gives an added height if paired with right heels. It makes you look slimmer if you go with dark colors.