7 things to see before choosing your ethnic office wear



It is not an easy task for most of the working ladies to select a formal ethnic wear for them. Its kind of everyday  chaos for them.

How you dress up for work shows how seriously you take your work and that’s how others will perceive you.

But before we move ahead in selecting  formal ethnic wear for us lets us first check on essential point which can make our shopping and our everyday selection easier.

  1. Colors– When it comes to color go for colors which are muted and not too bright or flashy.  If possible go for solid plain colors with little embroidery. One can go for Navy color, Grey in different shades, Off white, Soft pink, Soft red, Lighter shades of brown, and Lighter shades of berry. Some may also choose pastel colors like these-5361


2)  Fabric– Choose fabric which is easy to carry,  has a good feel and yet impresses well like Cotton , Khadi, Crepe etc. And sometimes Georgette as well, if you are comfortable in it.



3) Fit– Fit is the important part of an outfit, if you wear is ill fitted i.e either it is tight or flowy from the sides or the neck portion is too deep, that does not go well with Formal ethnic wear.


4) Prints-Prints which are small to medium  and are  neatly defined in fabric looks “good to wear” in offices, anything much of flowery , very big and bold prints does not look good and grab lot of attention.  Wear something with subtle prints and color.


5) Neckline – Keep your neckline,  if possible collered,as that is how the formal dressing has to be.  But you can also be flexible with round , V or Square necklines but not very deep , keep it simple with elegance.

6) Sleeves– Sleeves in your ethnic wear should be  full or 3/4  never wear a mega or sleevless to your office premises as that does not look formal at all. Wearing short sleeves is still acceptable but not sleevless.


7)  Length- Keep the length of your Kurtis up to knee or 2 inch lower but not too high or too low before it.  Wearing a kurti higher than your knee length does not gives a good impression about your formal wear and if you wear it too low i.e till ankle length it does not look formal at all. So take your correct length while wearing a kurti for your offices, as you do want to be taken seriously at your work places.


These were some tips for your  ethnic office wear.

For more  FREE tips and suggestions for “Dressing it right” you can mail me  at – aditi2123@gmail.com





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