4 things that you should know about Indian fashion


India is a land of diversity and this diversity makes us rich in culture, languages and  tradition.

Although , in Fashion world I find we take lot of inspiration from western Fashion world, many such western Fashion wear brand in India , are flourishing, this itself is an example to this trend.

However, since few years, things have changed in Indian fashion world and we are reviving what we have.

These things include



Ethnic wear   (Kurtis)-India is a hub of ethnic wear. Indian attires are gaining popularity across the domestic and global fashion industry.

Indian Kurtis gives a western look, it comes  in various shapes and           color, The new Kurtis styles available in the market gives an elegant, classic and comfortable look that suits to ladies of all age groups and one can carry it from work to parties and to Marriages as well.



Ethnic wear  (Sarees)– Sarees have never been out of Fashion , in fact Sarees have taken its worldwide popularity few years back itself and is  considered to be the most versatile attire.

Not only one wears them on few traditional occasions, but it also very much part of a Formal wear, cocktail parties, tea parties etc.



Khadi-Khadi has always been an integral part of Indian cottage industry. Not only Khadi is famous in India but it has taken a global acceptance as well.  It is widely accepted in Indian fashion world. … fashion designers now included it in  their collections by designing clothes with “Khadi” material.




Fashion of 90’s- Some of the Fashion trends of 90’s in India has revived again, as if history is repeating itself.  Be it Floral prints, Berry color lips, Dungrees, Snake prints, Plaids , Big prints…etc

This comeback of 90’s Fashion is not only refreshing but it gives a versatility to the new trendy Indian Fashion.


So, these were 4 things about Indian Fashion which is becoming a huge market in India and when it comes to ethnic wear it has already made it niche in Global market and it is going to stay for long.








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