Know your real beauty :)


Someone has very well said ” Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”

Indeed it is true, one cannot define beauty, beauty is always defined by the way how we perceive it.


In real world beauty is  constantly being  defined to us through the eyes of Fashion magazines, cosmetic surgery, movies, television, as something which has to be symmetrically perfect, because that is the main backbone of these industries on which their multi million dollar business thrive.

But my friends that is not the real beauty. I believe, beauty is not just being fair and having symmetry all over……instead there are small things which are just part of our personality which can be defined as beautiful.



When I see our Indian women I feel that we all are endowed with beauty all over, we have dark lustrous black  hair, black eyes, Curvy figure , tan skin.

These part of our body and features make us distinct and make us, “US (Indian)”

We should feel proud of ourselves, we all have something or the other  as a part of our  body and facial feature that we should be proud and feel happy about it.


It can be anything …..let say someone has beautiful smile, somebody has beautiful hands and legs, someone has a beautiful calf muscle , someone has shiny , silky hair….the list can be endless…

Friends we need to find in ourselves what makes us different, what makes us beautiful in our own ways….Accept it and be happy about it…

Flaunt it , Flaunt it to the world, whatever goodness you have, show it to the world.


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