Make up Color that Suits Indian Skin tone


Yes, friends as you are aware that there are some color that  suit to our skin tones and and some don’t.

Applying those shades of color to our skin not only enhances it but also make it appear more appealing.

Lets start here one by one


It is very important part of a make up as it  evens out your entire skin tone it helps out hiding  any flaws, be it blemishes, scars, acne or just plain dullness.

You’ve to consider 3 things to decide how to choose  Foundation shade:-

  1. Skin Type
  2. Shade
  3. Coverage

Choosing a good foundation is the key to achieving a great look. One should always go  for shades that are just one tone  lighter than your skin color and opt for those with a yellowish tint. Don’t wear a foundation too lighter than your skin tone , otherwise you will get a pale look to your Face.

Fair skin: Warm peach tone/ Yellow Base
Deeper skin tones: Orange to yellow Undertone.



Lipsticks shades:-

One should be careful while choosing a lipstick shades because some shades work for you as per your skin tone, and some don’t.

As I have already discussed earlier on different skin undertones one must buy lipstick shades keeping that in mind.

Fair Skin :-  Being Fair does not means that all shades work for you, in fact you must choose shades which are not dark but shades which are medium like Apricot and Corals these will look flattering on you.

Warm undertones: Go for peach and coral colors as they will look absolutely stunning on your lips.

Cool undertones: You should opt for mauve and mocha shades.


Wheatish  Complexion:- 

If you have this complexion , you  can in fact carry off any color.

Warm undertone: You can go  for colors  like  bronze, cinnamon and copper

Cool undertone: Shades of pink will suit you the best. Color Red will compliment you very well. If you want to go for a  darker shade go for cranberry but not the tomato red.


Dusky Complexion:-

Dusky Complexion is also a good complexion which can look good in berry and brown shades.

Warm undertones: Subtle brown and berry shades will look great on you.

Cool undertone: Choose from shades like brick red, brownish red and caramel.


Dark Complexion:- 

If you have a dark complexion, then you can opt for shades like brown, red and purple quite freely. But, you should stay clear of orange shades as these does not look flattering on you.

Warm undertone: Shades of copper, walnut, bronze and honey will look good on you.

Cool undertone: Those with cool undertones can opt for ruby red and wine colors.






Lets come to  Eye shadows and Blush colors as well 


Eye Shadows:-

Indian women have naturally beautiful eyes. The most recommended shades are browns, taupes, bronzes, mauves and plums.  Add depth to these eyes with  prune, copper, burgundy, and darker shades of brown eye shadow.

If  you want  a bold look, use wine, dark blue or purple colors. Dark grey shadow may be used as a very natural-looking eyeliner for a subtle smoky effect.

Fair skin: Dark grays and browns are great. All cool tones work well too. Metallic silver and gold look amazing.

Medium skin: Soft bronze pencil liner looks really good. Darker greens and plums works as well.
Dark skin: Bright blues and turquoises look amazing! Gold and bronze also work well.




Right amount of blush according to your skin tone can help in enhancing your jawline with your cheeks.

Light skin: rose, coral and mauve.
Medium skin: colors like sand pink, coral shimmer or even a bronze shimmer.
Dark or deep skin: plums, cranberry shade and bronze





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