Seasonal Color analysis part 2


In my earlier post, I have talked about two skin undertones- warm and cool.

lets go a little deep into season color analysis and how its divided.

Seasonal color analysis divides people into 4 categories according to the four seasons, depending on their Skin, Eyes and Hair color.

These seasons are Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring and here is the description of all with their color palette that suits them the most.





Spring Coloring Group

If you have a dominant Spring-like quality to your coloring, then you shine in warm and bright colors. Your coloring is in general warm but bright. The majority of red-heads fall within this season because of the dominant warm, red hair color.

Celebs with a Spring coloring: Heather Graham, Kate Hudson, Amy Adams, Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman, Christina Hendricks

Summer Coloring Group

If you have a light and muted quality to your coloring, then you’re most likely a Summer. You are the most delicate and coolest season of all 4 in the seasonal color analysis.

Celebs with a Spring coloring: Naomi Watts, Heather Locklear, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jodie Foster

Autumn Coloring Group

If your coloring seems to have a lot of depth to it along with golden undertones then you have an Autumn coloring.

Celebs with a Autumn coloring: Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Richie, Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Eva Mendes

Winter Coloring Group

If you have a dominant Winter quality to your coloring, then your skin, hair- and eye color combinations is in general very deep and vivid – which is why you shine in black and other colors that have a strong jewel quality to them.

Celebs with a Winter coloring: Lucy Liu, Megan Fox, Jessica Stroup, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Connelly.

This was just a small piece of information about the Seasonal Color Analysis and their has been different versions of it as well, But friends you don’t need to follow them all, its just that if you are aware of your color palette it makes you more younger and more brighter.

And if your color palette does not have your favourite colors in it, so better go for colors / shades which stands somewhat similar. If your recommended colour palette does not match your style concept, you need to analyze each shade individually and then make a decision: wear, avoid or tweak. Lets say, you love the pink in the light Summer palette, but  you are a warm Autumn, move along the palettes towards your own type until you come across a potential alternative, e.g. the neutral plum shade in the soft Autumn palette. If a color does not look amazing but also not horrible on you,  then I say go for it!




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