Lets talk about neckline of Kurtis – The basic ones

Hello friends how are you all doing? So here I am today to tell you about the kind of neckline for Indian kurtis and what suits them the most.

Round Neckline


Round necklines :-Round necklines are the best. This neck-line suits women of all shapes and sizes.

Sweetheart necklines-


Sweetheart necklines: – These necklines style might appear similar to a V-neck but it has a shape of a heart. It suits to many body types.The sweetheart neckline is right option for women with both, small or large bust size. Short women with small breasts and narrow shoulders may wear them to appear curvier.

V necklines


V necklines – These necklines comes with a V shape. V neckline makes the neck appear longer. It makes you look slim, with V neck patter.

If you have a small neck or a round or square face,  prefer a  V neck as it will give an elongated look to your neck and make your face appear narrower.It is good for both with small and large bust size.

Women who has long face and long neck should avoid this neckline kurtis.

Square Neckline


Square Neckline:-   A square neckline gives a lengthened look to your face.

It gives your shoulder a broader look. Those with square face should avoid wearing this neckline



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