Lets accessorize


Yes Friends, It is Indian Fashion style and when we talk of style , why not learn the art of accessorizing it as well, because I feel Indian look is not complete unless you accessorize it with some jewellery. Jewellery is considered as a symbol of esteem for Indian women. The attraction for jewellery has been great in India, that it has become a main part of tradition and culture.

But the simple rule with jewellery is that , don’t exaggerate it, just keep it simple.

Let say , if you wear kurtis , tunics or dresses which are simple yet elegant, try to co-ordinate  it with some  jewellery that  makes a statement and  not dominate your  entire look or empower your clothing.

Remember accessories such as jewellery is always to enhance your beauty or the simplicity of the dress you are wearing don’t let it overpower your looks.


Lets say, if you wearing a very heavy statement neck piece do not wear a heavy piece of earring with it, that’s kind of overdoing it, or vice versa i.e if the earrings are heavy, don’t worry for the neck piece, you can look good without it. Yeah ,at times you need to co-ordinate both, but still  try to make it look elegant than over the top.

Sonam+Kapoors+in+Statement+Necklaces                            Olivia Palermo Promotes Coach In Sydney




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