Know your body types

Hi friends, one thing we all Indian ladies should have in mind that we  possess a very curvy figure  and we are quite different  from the western world, so why to always  bother  with  west  and  their  western trends all the time, when  we follow  a  different  body type  and not  all  the silhouette  suits to us, unless one carries  it with confidence, or  has  a  model  / slim figure.

So , it  is  very essential to  understand  our body type first  and  then  move further in  other areas.

Let  us first know the Basic  body type in Females

Body Shapes Sketch for blog

Apple body shapes-Apple body shapes have wide upper bodies starting from the shoulders tapering down to the hips and thighs. You are larger around the middle, yet still have slim legs.  Your waist may not be defined but you can fake it with the right outfit.

Pear body shapes – Pear body shapes have hips wider than your shoulders and you have a smaller bust.  Your butt ends are rounded and your waist is well-defined.

Hourglass body shape– An hourglass body shape has proportional width of the upper and lower body which sets off your tiny waist. You carry your weight equally between your bust and your hips.

Rectangle body shapes– rectangle body shapes have almost the same width throughout their bust, waist and hips.  There’s a somewhat straight appearance they often have an athletic, boxy or boyish figure.

These are the very basic body types in women and here on we have to  understand what looks good in these body types.




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